By helping customers like you for over 40 years, we've gained knowledge and expertise in almost every kind of commercial strapping available today, and an experienced team ready to guide you.

Polypropylene Strapping

Arguably the most commonly used strapping worldwide, polypropylene strapping (also known as 'polyprop' or 'pp strap') is easy to work with, economical and available in a multitude of variants; different break strains, colours and sizes. Lightweight, flexible and user friendly, it can be heat or friction sealed, secured with buckles or metal seals and there is a wide range of tools and accessories to facilitate use.

PET Polyester Strapping

Higher break strains than polypropylene and also user friendly, PET has memory and retains tensile strength by trying to maintain its original shape. Can be friction welded or joined with metal seals, again a wide range of tools and accessories available.

Woven Polyester Strapping

Just 16% of the weight, but with breaking strains matching that of steel strapping and user-friendly. Woven polyester displays good resistance to extremes of temperature and humidity, has bi-directional strength preventing splitting in either direction and will not mark or damage products strapped. It is secured with metal buckles that allow re-tensioning if required. Tools and accessories available.

Corded Polyester Strapping

Lightweight, flexible and soft but with high break strains, it will not mark or damage strapped products. Secured with metal buckles, tools and accessories available.

Composite Polyester Strapping

This is corded polyester with a coating that improves weather and abrasion resistance and facilitates use in strapping tools. Secured with metal buckles.

Steel Strapping

The strongest of all strapping, capable of securing sharp or hot loads. Black painted against rust and wax coated to facilitate use in tools, our strapping has dressed edges for safer handling. Available ribbon or oscillated wound with a wide range of tools and accessories. Steel strapping is fastened with metal seals or crimped to itself with purpose made tools.

Stainless Steel Strapping

Permanent, corrosion and weather resistant. Suitable for fixing street furniture and signs, directional signs on motorways and bundling cables and hoses.